perjantai 29. kesäkuuta 2012

Tournament 3 Game 3

Last game of the evening was Dwarfs agaist High Elves. It would be pretty hard game for the Elves. The shooting has proven to be quite deadly. Also the Magic that Elves have doesnt work so good agaist toughness 4 Dwarfs than agaist my feeble Skavens. Teugamo worked his gunline again. Lonkero had slim chance to get into combat fast.

Sadly Dwarfs go first.

Elves prepare to take bombardment.

BOOM! Cannon shoots his BSB on great eagle. Bolt Thrower shoots one Phoenix Guard. Lonkero is worried at this point.

But here comes the real pain. Grudge Thrower HITS agaist the swordmaster and only two of them live to see rest of the battle. At this point it feels pretty much game over :D

Lonkero is not the easily giving up sort and he keeps playing. 

Some spells to shield his Sea Guards. Slim chance but gotta take all available.

Flames of Phoenix hit the Dwarf Warriors but its not like many dies :D High Toughness and armor saves work nicely at this point.

Slayers make miracle charge and reach Phoenix Guard Flank. Lady Avarage is not on Lonkero's side this time.

Phoenix Guard loses combat and get run down.

Lonkero's turn comes now. He makes valiant charge with two reamaining of the Swordmasters unit.

Standard dies but Blademaster is tough nut :D

Now it gets funny. He manages to Break down the with his Sea Guard and single Swordmaster.

Swordmasters tale comes to its end when balista or quarriels shoot it down. His legend will live long into future :D

Lonkero is not giving up yet. He charges shooty units. He doesnt break them and his hopes of victory goes down the drain.

Sea Guards take hits but hold

When Slayers make again long charge Lonkero finally throws in the towel :) Victory to Dwarfs. 

Was nice evening. All games were really tight and everyone won one game so this time no winner were crowned. See ya next time!

Tournament 3 Game 2

Game 2: Skaven agaist Dwarfs and their infernal warmachines. For this battle I was bit more prepaired than last game agaist all those warmachines. Im fielding cannon myself and unit of giant rats what im hoping to be too low unit to draw fire.

Dwarfs got first turn. Here comes the boulders of hell. Hit on my Stormvermin ouch. thats 16 dead :)

His Quarriels or such were too far and moved forward and not shooting this round(well actually they werent since they are thunderer models so we both made mistake on their range :) Rest of his stuff are tightly on the edge forcing me to bullrun to him :D What ever my vermis are left due massive fire.

His cannon got hit on my cannon and it died...

My Turn. I have to reform Stormvermins since they arent so suitable for horde anymore. Rest of my forces move up. Jezzails also took wound. 

Then comes my saving grace :) Magic and Stuff of Legends(doom rocket) First I got scorch on Dwarf Warriros. Little after im hitting my doom rocket with 7 dices and its a direct hit HAHAHAH!

His warriors fail panic check and flee of the table! Im feeling good at this moment :) Back in game. Im moving up and got clear route to his warmachines.

Teugamo tries to shake my faith and tosses over my slave block. This just proves my point when I accuse him of prodding my units and what not during the games :D

His turn again and there isnt much happening but fire from the machines. Some more Stormvermin die.

Im moving very close. My Stormvermin bunker has taken lots of wounds and few panic checks. Also both BSB and Warlock Engineer General has only 1 wound left each.

Im not charging with my Slaves. Just moving close enough to irritate him. Im hoping to cast one more Scorch before my Engineer dies.

Here comes the Scorch. It goes off with irrisistable force and miscast result blows up my whole unit into tiny bits. Damage on his Slayers is immence and turn the game on my favor. Im also bringing my Gutter Runners on the table :) Almost forgot them in this game too :D Sneaky bastards.

Im getting few Charges in. One with my Slaves and other with my Giant Rats.

Gutter Runners shoot with poisoned slings and kill his much hated Grudge Thrower.

Fierce combat with my trash units and his warmachines. Atleast they cant shoot while in melee :D

He charges my Slaves on left side and my Slaves on right kill the bolt thrower.

Slaves hold their own agaist his Slayers.

Giant Rats dont manage well, they are just able to hold in combat.

Gutter Runners shoot few more Dwarfs and game is nearing its end.

Slaves do well agaist his expensive unbreakable unit. Slowly eating them away. At this point game is pretty much over. Skaven Victor! :) Tastes good to win agaist this list. Its very hard for my low leadership units :)

torstai 28. kesäkuuta 2012

Warriors of Chaos and Skaven Warlord.

Sometimes when painting Skaven gets tiresome I pull out my old Chaos forces. Originally I planned mono Slaanesh force. Change from GW made that impossible so I slowly turned into WoC army. I started painting this over 10 years ago and some of the models are currently rather crappy :) Slowly but surely they are getting new paints hehe. This is a side project anyways so no rush with that. I used to have huge problem with core. Now I managed to fill one unit of "Chaos Warriors" they are rugged bunch of diffrent models :) They have somewhat chaosy feeling atleast. Next 2000 point game is prolly going to be with this list.

Overall army without general, got two choises for that. Either Chaos Lord on Daemonic mount or Sorceror Lord with Disc. Bigger games I have my old converted Dragon with Slaanesh Lord.

Newer Marauder Horsemen, They were meant to be Slaanesh but most likely gonna run them as Khorne and with Flails.

Chaos Warriors. They are real mixture. To some end this is how it should be. Chaos warriors are not supposed to be homogenic like current warriors.

Some converted Chaos Ogres. Made 2 new one that arent so heavily morphed. 

Older Marauder Horsemen. Slaanesh theme is present again :)

Some Trolls

New Knights with Spawn. Made from older Bloodletter.

Unfinished Soreror Lord with disc. Im thinking of abondoning the wave base but still not sure.

Some test shots of my Skaven Warlord. Also most of my new pics are turned into postcard size on the blog. Some test are they effected if they are photoshopped before adding them here.