lauantai 22. kesäkuuta 2013

Few Battles.

Hello. Ive had couple of battles lately and now Im summing them up in one post. First one was my Skaven vs Teugamo's Dwarfs. That one ended pretty heavily for my favor. No pictures of that match sadly.

Next game was with my Dark Elves agaist Teugamo's Dwarven army. Same list he used previously btw. Again the game went heavily for my favor(MASSACRE!) Here is link to awesome report he made from the match. Hope you like it! Battlereport .

Lastly yesterday had game agaist my old nemesis Lonkero and his High Elves. First time with the new book. I was shaking in boots since they got lot of new stuff and cheaper stuffs to go around.

Here is how the table looked like.

From diffrent end. 

After deployment and vanguard move. High Elves from top to bottom: Sea Guard unit behind the forest. Big block of Phoenix Guard on this side of forest. Eagle Claw Bolter. Three great eagles in unit of 2 and solo. Sea guard unit behind Eagles. Sword Masters. Vanguarded Ellyrian Reavers. and Lastly Prince on Griffon. He also had two mages, both using high lore and lvl two's. One sitting on bottom Sea Guards and other on Phoenix Guards. 

My list from top to bottom: Witch elves. Cold One Charriot. War Hydra. Unit of corsairs with sea serpent banner. 20 repeater crossbow elves. 35 Warriors with Spears. This unit had my Supreme Sorceress with Lore of Shadows. Couldron of Blood. unit of 14 Crossbow Elfs. 10 Dark Riders. Harpies and unit of 10 shades.

Better pics of the vanguard moves and setting before battle. Lonkero goes first.

Alright now the setting is showed and its time for rumble. 
Lonkero starts with heavy charging. trying to grab control of the game from the start. We did little mistake here since he charge from vanguard :) I chose to stand and shoot with both of my units. Reaves clash into my  Shades losing two and Prince swoops down upon my Dark Riders. 

On his moving phase he moved all across the board aggressively. Magic was totally nullified even that I didnt  have dispell scroll. Shooting managed to drop 2 crossbow elf on my smaller unit.

Combat didnt favor me much but I held in fight. he killed one of my Shades. Dark Riders lost few.

My Turn. Im also moving up my army. No charges tho.Shooting and magic kills all of his Great Eagles.

In melee he kills most of my Dark Riders and last one standing breaks and he does not follow. I kill his Reavers with my Shades in return and move my Harpies behind that Tower to get better line for his Bolt Thrower.

He Charges his Prince agaist my Harpies. I choose to hold but forget his terror check. We backtrack that later on. I fled and he killed my beatiful harpies :(

Other Side of the board is also getting heated up. He charged his Phoenix Guard on front and Sea Guard came on Flank. Looks like my Hyrda is pushing daisies soon. I buffed up my Corsairs with killing blow to make them bit more scarier to attack. Seems like it worked :P

Shooting and Magic goes horribly for me. He gets on a spell that nearly kills half of my spear warriors but luckily they hold. He also shot few more crossbow warriors. His mage miscasted and suffered wound. Pretty solid Turn for him.

Next things get so heated that I forgot to take pictures of events happening :) Quick recap is that. On his turn my Hydra Survied on 2 wounds left. I won combat but They were steadfast and didnt budge :)  On my turn I made massive counter Charge and crashed my Witch Elves and Charriot on Flank of his Seaguards flanking my Hydra. Yet again my Hydra survied with single wound against his rather Annoying ALWAYS STRIKE FIRST! I then allocated all possible attacks on his Phoenix Guard unit. 

I managed to hack enough Phoenix Guards so he lost Steadfast. It came down to one model, it was enough to peel his rank :P I heard him shattering in million pieces when he realized this. We almost missed it cos I killed his wizard on front rank and he didnt replace his spot with Phoenix Guard. So what Happened was that he Broke with both units and Phoenix Guard were run down and Sea Guards escaped with their lives. 

This is what it looks like after my turn. I also moved up my Shades and shot his Prince. Moved them to 21" so he couldnt charge them next turn. Lovely little pestering menaces :)

His last turn. Swordmasters Charged my smaller Crossbow Warrior unit, or whats left of them. Needless to say they were wiped out :)

This is what the Board looks like when we called it. On upper right I combo charged his rallied Sea Guard unit with Witch Elves and Charriot. Wiped them out clean. All 15 heads were towed behind my charriot!
His Prince moved to better position. My Shades moved so they could shoot between the tower and house. They killed the Griffon under the prince. My Corsairs charged his bolt thrower. 

 Well that was it folks :) I lost three units. Dark Riders, Harpies and smaller unit of Crossbow Warriors. Around 500 points. I have played every game with Unique list and this one had Charriot for the first time :)
Used lore of shadows in two games in row and have to say im not impressed. Dark Magic is clearly my favorit. Hope you liked the show :)

perjantai 7. kesäkuuta 2013

Dark Elven update before game tomorrow.

Cold One Chariot in the making.

From side.

Knights getting new color. From gold/yellow to Jade.

Im playing agaist dwarves tomorrow. Im having 3 possible lists.
Most likely going to use this one with awesome hitting power.

High Sorceress(with spear warriors)
Sacrificial dagger
+5 ward

Hag Queen + Cauldron of Blood

Master on Peg
Dragon helm
Pendant of Khaeleth
Heavy armours, sear dragon cloak,lance and shield.

Master BSB on Cold one(with Knights)
Hydra banner

20 warriors with repeater crossbows

35 Warrios with spears and shields
Full command
flame banner

Harpy coven (5)

20 Corsairs
Full command
Frenzy banner

10 Dark Riders
Reaper crossbows

9 Cold one Knights
Full command
banner of swiftness

20 Witch Elves
full command

War Hydra.