perjantai 28. maaliskuuta 2014

keskiviikko 26. maaliskuuta 2014

Screaming Bell (final countdown)

Nearly done with this :) I promise! Just need to add some final touches and its there. Finally :D

Some closer shots of the new details. Empire guy is impaled by the front blades. His other arm is ripped off by another blade. Also little rat is eating his face off.

There are few little rats running around the bell now.

test for coolmini

damn blog wont show it as right size :D
Some shadows showing annoyingly. Next thing to get should be mini studio :P

Some alterations

still few things to add.

maanantai 24. maaliskuuta 2014

Screaming Bell (part3)

Couple new shots. Added some highlight and moss on wood. Im not that pleased with it currently.
What im happy is the new pictures and how much better they are now. This was driving me insane in the last few days. Next adding some highlight on the ropes and maybe add something on the base.

Little update on Grey Seer. Also worked with the bell. Reduced some of the molds on wood parts. Still working with them little.

Front side to show how it looks (blurry pic tho)

keskiviikko 19. maaliskuuta 2014

Screaming Bell part 2



Next step of evolution

Sunday, to bang the BELL!

test continues...


tiistai 18. maaliskuuta 2014


This was long time waited evening with my mates. Big games ahead. First was my WoC vs High Elves. Second game was my WoC vs Ogres and last was High Elves vs Ogres. I played with WoC ofc.

This is how deployment went. We got meeting engament and all my plans for the game was thrown out of window. I guess thats bit useless from now on :)

                                                      from top to bottom my army looks like:
Chaos Ogres (skinwolves)
Daemon Prince
Warriors of Khorne
Marauder Horsemen of Khorne

His lines from top to bottom:
Giant Eagle
Spear Elves
Phoenix Guard
Silver Helms
Great Eagle
Bolt Thrower
Frost Phoenix
Silver Helms
Fire Phoenix

on side note LOVE THAT MERCHANT HOUSE! Model from tabletop world and painted by Unlimited Colours. Hopefully more close ups follow.

I make Vanguard with horsemen and warhounds.  Game is ready to start. Lonkero and High Elves make first turn.

High Elves move aggressively forward across the board. Only on charge is made by Great eagle.

Here is some spell hitting my Marauders. Im guessing it was Pit of Shades.

Something kills one more marauder but im not sure what :) Great Eagle battle agaist Warhounds.

High Elves Turn. Frost Phoenix charge my warriors. Silver Helms charge my warhounds and plow through to my warriors and enjoy bit of time warping :)

Frost phoenix runs down my warriors and Silver Helms Reform.

I charge my Daemon Prince at Frost Phoenix on bottom of table. Charge my Giant on Fire Phoenix and Skullcrushers are taking scenery route around the forest. Chimera breath fire on swordmasters and killed about half of the unit. They make panic check. Marauders charge one Silver Helm unit and get charged on flank by another. Swordmasters turn to face chimera and 2 mages hide behind them.

Ogres charged great eagle what fled and they then redirected to Phoenix Guard. Only to get counter charged on flank by Spear Elves.

We forgot to take pictures on few events.Something happened to Swordmasters. Ogres were wiped out. Chimera charged on Phoenix Guard. Daemon Prince was locked in many rounds of combat between Frost Phoenix and unit of Silverhelms.

Giant fell in the end agaist Fire Phoenix. Skullcrushers made into the fray but too late to change the outcome. They ran lvl 4 mage off the board and killed Spear Elves.

Daemon Prince dies and this is what I have left on board. Chimera, two skullcrushers with BSB. Victory for High Elves!

Here are links to other games that night.

Cheers. Thanks for Teugamo for making these.

Screaming Bell (some base colors)

Hello. Started working again with my Screaming Bell. Added some base colors and little test on Grey Seer. Im wanting this to have diffrent metal color than my Furnace. So went with aged pewter while the bell itself if bronze. Also im wanting to try somekind of rust effect on this one indead of sweating warpstone greens as with my Furnace. Blueish Seer for Lore or Ruin. Key word is diffrent than my Furnace. Models are almost identical so let the colors do their magic.

perjantai 7. maaliskuuta 2014

Sorceress on Daemonic mount

Little update on this WoC Shaman on Demonbear

I like its new color. Black/blue ended up in failure so reddish brown to the win!

Some update. Mostly on face and eyes.

Bear eyes still need work :D

Nearly done. Somewhat feels like its missing but adding more stuff is possible spoil.

I broke the axe and converted sword instead.

Some new tones on bear.

Sometimes its very painful to get decent pics :D

keskiviikko 5. maaliskuuta 2014

Closing in for the kill

 Have to say that with darker background this looks lot better :) Almost finished now. Some parts still need little adjustments like bone/skulls. Im quite happy with it currently.


tiistai 4. maaliskuuta 2014

Getting ready for game.

Game is around the corner and now need to figure what army and list to play.
Im facing High Elves and Ogres. For Warriors of Chaos I was thinking something like this.

Daemon Prince of Khorne
Scaled Skin
Soul Feeder

Exhalted Hero BSB on Jug.
he is naked with Halberd

10 Marauder Horsemen of Khorne
Full Command

Chaos Chariot(unmarked)

10 Chaos Warwolfs! 
Poison and Vanguard

24 Chaos Warriors of Khorne
Full Command

8 Chaos Ogres of Khorne (skinwolf models)
Full Command
Extra Handweapons


Chaos Giant of Nurgle

3 Skullcrushers of Khorne
Full Command
Ensorcelled Weapons

Thats it 2596 points. 62 Models of tough meat :)
Lacking magic is going to heavy but thats for pussies anyways ;)

Barbarians getting ready!

Hmms seems like something is missing still.

Oh yes. My Chimera swoops down and joins the Horde! 

Lately painted 2 Sorcerer/shaman models even Im not planning to take them in next game....yet!

Daemon Prince and Giant joined for portrait.

lauantai 1. maaliskuuta 2014

Deamon Prince

New Stuff

Day two and some more base colors.

Converted this one with tail. It seemed somewhat lacking on behind and wings couldnt be fit there with my skills :D

There is lot of red and browns here. Im going to have hard time toning them but lets see how it goes.

Soon getting more into details

Finally basecoating is done :)

Last updade for today :) Some washes on armour and skulls.

Also little test on red armour on hand and leg plate.

Some work with yellow armour parts.

10000 pageviews YAY :)

Last ones for tonight. I guess dont see much but working on little details now.

Still plenty to hone and rub :)