sunnuntai 29. huhtikuuta 2012

Mordheim and Chaos Dragon

Hello. Today we had game from the campaing setting. Teugamo was the attacker this time. Scenario was homemade Dragon Attack. Giant last game was bit too easy so we upped the difficulty a notch. Chaos Dragon was fierce beast indeed. Ruleswise on each player turn we would roll d6 and on 4+ something Dragonish would happen. 1-2 would bring large round template that would be wing buffet and all those hitting the model would be slammed down to the ground and couldnt move or shoot on that turn. 3-4 would bring breath attack targetting as much of the current warband as possible and then roll artillery dice for movement for the flame template. While breath attack the current warband could shoot the dragon and those caught under template would suffer hits on auto and 4+ if partially hit. No further action allowed. Lastly on 5-6 the Dragon would land and attack warband in melee. Chaos Dragon would always hit first and after remaining melees from warband Dragon would rise up the skies once more. No further movement was allowed. Seemed pretty cool and random what made feel rather special for me.

Here is the beast itself. Its older Dark Elf Dragon Ive made into two head Chaos Dragon. Yeah it did look better 10 years ago when I made it hehe.

My warband. The Devils Rejects (pirate crew). Last game I lost one henchmen but bought another to replace it. Now there is 13 Members.

Table was set like this. There were 4 wyrdstone shards scattered around middle. Im starting right bottom of this picture. Shadow Warriors of Teugamo on top center and Lonkero and Green Posse on Left bottom.

Table from Lonkero's Viewn

Shadow Warriors.

Dragon is chilling in middle before game started.

Alright all ready to start.

Turn one and I got go first. Of course I roll the Dragon and naturally it comes swooping down and challenges my warband in melee. Most of my warband are tied up with the Dragon.

Well that wasnt pretty. I got three henchamn out of action on turn 1. One henchman is knocked and Cabin Girl hero is stunned. Damn rotten start but im still on high spirit! Barney scored one wound on Dragon.

Lonkero also got the Dragon and breath this time. It landed off and nothing bad happened. He forgot to shoot the Dragon but noticed it too late :D

Teugamo got the buffet and only few members could move. That was very strong turn from the Dragon heh.

Turn 2 and once more the Dragon causes me Headache by causing buffet on my warband and nearly all are effected. I cant move much and just grind my teeths.

Im trying to go for few wyrdstones and not be so agressive since im underdog now.

Teugamo moved few elves into position last turn.

Lonkero avoids dragon but has bad luck on animousity rolls. He gets one wyrdstone from inside house.

Teugamo avoids Dragon also and climbs up to get better position to start shooting everything into bits.

Turn 3 stars and Guess what. I got dragon and got it in Melee :D My warband is kind of battered at this point and there that silly bugger comes again. It lands in middle and grabs my crew in melee.

And proceeds with some asskicking. Drops another three of my guys out of actions. Im starting to curse at this point since its not very strong start and darn bad dice rolling on my part. Nil desperandom!

Lonkero avoids dragon and moves up in to better position to face Shadow Warriors. Might of missed some turns.

My warband is broken into shards. Only thing left is that I get two wyrdstones before I fail my routingtest. So thats my only goal at this point.

Teugamo gets breath attack and shoots some wounds on dragon.

Lonkero and Teugamo clash up. Nearly full warbands at this point.

My turn comes and failing rout test ends my game. I didnt get single wyrdstone and got only one here left in table. Dark and gloomy day for my pirates. Lots of serious injury rolls coming up and Im bit worried.

Orcs and Elfs have very even and blood battle to bitter end.

Finally after lot of struggle Lonkero fails his rout test and Teugamo claims the Victory. He also managed to shoot the Chaos Dragon and got nice treasure from it. Also he got first piece of land from the campaing map. So it was very exiting and forgot to take pictures nearing the due suspence :D Game lasted so long that there wasnt time for a second round game. After game rolls werent that great on me either. I lost four henchmen as dead and Bellamy will miss next game. On plus side Barney got extra attack :) Teugamo got great advance rolls but lost atleast one hero and henchman. Also second hero was sold the pits and lost the battle. Losing all equipment on him. Lonkero got legwound on one of his heroes but I think there was nothing too special on the rolls. Great game and next game we are using the dragon its gonna be attacking on  5+ on each player turn. Making buffet attack on 1-3 and breath on 4-5 and melee only with 6. Dragon basicly ate all my warband but there was some bad rolling also. So next game is going to be pretty exiting. It will be Lonkero's turn to attack. Cheers, good game guys! :)

torstai 26. huhtikuuta 2012

Cant get enough of you Iky! (and back to the old interface)

Iky with some more details on armor. First highlights.

Iky with even more details and even more highlights on armor :)

Latest adventure of Iky

Small update on Sophie the Tomb Rider :)

maanantai 23. huhtikuuta 2012

Life of Brood Horror(edit 1)

Brood Horror from left and right. Had terrible dilemma with the saddle. Finally made my mind and now its brown as leather. Looks somewhat better and now the coloristic focus should come more to Iky.
Still very much WIP :D

Iky got bit darker and some areas around the saddle are washed. Next im putting some highlights on the armor. On Queek they were bit rough. Im hoping for some smoother edge for Iky(Dream on)

While Iky was waiting to dry I started paiting this Reaper Sophie. Some limited edition if I recall right.
I removed paints on it. Was somewhat messy. Sometimes its very nice to see skill improving even if it means you gotta repaint something :) Love this model, reminds me of my woman :P

torstai 19. huhtikuuta 2012

Evening with Brood Horror and Warlord Iky the Bloodless

Brood horror is almost alive! Ive added lot of little things here and there but still many basic stuff missing. There are so many details I want to bring out its tiring heh. Warlord on top got somewhat ghouliss look. Thats intented. He looks bit like those bald molerats living underground so didnt want him to look like normal. Im still working on somekind of background fluff on him. Could be that he is addicted to warpstones and they slowly drained his blood and filled with unholy vigor! RAWL! or rather SQUEEK SQUEEK!

Warlord Iky's colors are somewhat basic. Elite rats in my army wear warlock purple clothes and armor is going to yellowish similar to the Queek on earlier posts.

Lovely little fellow *scratches under chin*

keskiviikko 18. huhtikuuta 2012

Slowly but surely details keep adding themselfs.

Just small and quick update. Been really busy with my course and not much energy left for painting. Currently im sore all over from sähly yesterday and can barely move or sit down in long periods :D

Some small bits and pieces are painted. Warlord also got primer.

Tiny details added on Queek.

Nearly done with Bronze parts on the Demon. its official, Im mad as hatter.

New paints...and shitloads of them :D It didnt seem so GRANDE when making it online lol

BOOOM headshot! :)
The ones with black top are high pigmented. Something similar to foundations on GW range.

Thank you Reaper!