lauantai 31. maaliskuuta 2012

Rats, pox & pestilence

Assembled  Screaming Bell and Gray Seer. Would love to start painting but forced myself to promise to finish the Plague Furnace first :D

Some pics of the Plague Priest that rides the Plague Furnace.
Love this model, fat belly and dirty as they come :)

torstai 29. maaliskuuta 2012

Queek and Elven Mage

Some shots of yellow Queek(without his throphy rack, dont like it) and  Elven mage from Elmore Masterworks. Both still on process and were started around week ago. Im happy with queek pretty much(at this point). Elven mage in the otherhand has some problems with the face or the impression on her face :D she looks madly furious what wasnt intented.

Some new details on armor. Turned out to be more dirty look than planned but im liking it anyways.

Oktober is early this year.

Oktober fest maid from Reaper. Still could use some finishing touch. I thought it was ready but pictures and close eyeing reveals several spots that still need work on.

sunnuntai 25. maaliskuuta 2012

Random paintings for the past

Dont have camera on my place this weekend so tough of posting some older pics here.

Here is Wood Elf Spell Singer or such. He is in my Dark Elf Warband. Rogue to the core! Male wizards are banned normally from Dark Elfs. Outdoor pic from last summer.

Here is some Clanrats. Only front row is about finished :D They are still in same condition...

Lonkero's Wolf Riders. Pretty sweet, and they should be since it took about 3 months to finish em hehe.

Some older Daemon Prince with minor conversions.

El Torres, this one is 54mm and was nice model to paint. It was for my mother so thats why the odd colors. Wasnt my pick :)

Older Vampire Lord. Still could use some details and that darn flying monkey is unpainted.

That was it. More pics coming up once I get hold of the camera. 

torstai 15. maaliskuuta 2012

Something else for a change.

Felt like painting something diffrent and found this model from the boxes. It was actually brought up by my daughter when she said "im not scared of that spidylady btw". It was still on box and it been awhile since she has seen it :D So inspired by that and to horror for Mina Im gonna paint it(atleast somewhat).

Very fun model from Reaper. Called Shaerileth, Spider DemonessOriginally I had idea for it to be Greather Daemon of Slaanesh but then those bastards in GW screwed my plans when they separated Chaos to Daemon, Mortals and Beasts. Im still holding grudge!

 Hair color is still on the works. Waiting for vision on that one.

Some update. Still not sure about the hair. Might of been better as black/dark.

I hate making eyes. Even when its bigger model like this one. Next step is to pick out the jewlery and some more finer details. Its quite a speedpaint but not sure how I can improve it much with my current skills.

keskiviikko 14. maaliskuuta 2012

Small update.

Got two new pirate figures. I like both so much im going to squuze them into my warband somehow :)
Captain Jack might of had mutiny in his hand after the bar brawl what happened right after last game.

This one is called Big-Ass Bellamy (work in progress as usual).  This pirate is really heavy hitter where size matters. Not ogre size but really lot bigger than the avarage pirate. He might be canditate for the captains job. Other new model is still bare metal. He looks kinda wicked too. Gonna make better paint job to take over the crew :)

 Eye-patch, eyes and some more details added to these pics. I tried to make eyes blue this time. might have to use some more black to the center if possible.

sunnuntai 4. maaliskuuta 2012

Mordheim part 2

Here we go for second part of the evening. There was still some time left so we decided to play another game and hope it would be quick. Lonkero's Orc Shaman got +1 iniative and that was it for the advance rolls I think.

Next game would be on the same settings since we really loved the table and it had so great touch and feeling to it. Clearly best one we ever used. This time the treasure chest was in middle of the woods. and those warpstones were scattered around it pretty much. So all the action was gonna take place in middle this time. Perhaps Lonkero would make to combat on this game. 

One of the warpstones is collected by Lonkero's Troll. One is claimed by the Shadow Warriors and Barney is moving to get one and the other is on my way to middle. Looks good sofar.

I deployed bit too back and find myself nearly missing the actions. Need pick up the phase!

Orcs position so they could charge either warband.

Teugamo's Elves also split up. He is going for the chest in middle and makes line ready to send those pesky arrows to my hide. Other half of his warband position to shoot the Troll with warpstone.

For me its painfully long way to middle and Teugamo is already in the woods. Curses and Damnation!

Shadow Warriors claim the second warpstone that I was already considering mine...I made slight error for deploying so far back and those Elves move really fast.

Im also splitting up my warband. Barney leads the lower group for the other stone.

Lonkero's Orcs still look like they can go either way what kinda worries me. Im hoping Elves manage to shoot some wounds to that Troll.

And so the Shadow Warriors pick up the chest. Its heavy and you cant run with it. So he will be slowly backing up and shooting the hell out of anyone who tries to between him and MY loot! :)

Its going to be risky but Im have to face the arrows in order to have a go with the chest.

Lonkero suddenly declares charge to Barney with his Troll. Red-Nose just picked up the last warpstone from the ground and is quite far ahead. Rest of my crew were moved to counter the Elves. Didnt expect Lonkero to move agaist me. Good thing is that the troll fails to reach Barney. Only less than inch but still! Troll only moves 6 inch towards me as result of the failed charge.

Teugamo's shooting drops Harriet the Harlot(gunner) as stunned and Harald the Horrible(other gunner) as knocked down. Lonkero's Troll moves now away from my warband towards the Elves. Barney moves with the warpstone to safer waters so to speak.

Im going to pursuit the Elves as they choose to retreat and shoot arrows.

Lonkku is closing on the elves on other side so its kinda exiting and tough spot.

Luck favors me and Teugamo. His arrows find its mark and the Troll falls to the ground. Lonkero failed all his regen saves(sorry Tiia). Also his boss charged the Elf carrying the chest and knocked him on the ground. Perfect spot to let Barney Loose! He took two wounds earlier and has only one left but madly he charges Lonkero's Boss Orc. Who fails fear test and does not swing any hits in return. Barney failed to wound him.
Captain Jack and two pirate crew henchmen (crimson and scarlet) charged Teugamo's Leader Elf and stunned him. Looks really good for me now. Orc failed his animousity test and is left behind. We trip them over so its easier to remember.

Barney is like rabid dog and finished Lonkero's boss. Teugamo fails his rout test and is forced to flee. My crew pics up the chest proceed to take dominance on the battlefield. Shortly after I put yet anoter Orc out of action Lonkero also flees. Not a single Pirate was put out of action. Like Lonkero on the first game I  get to collect 3 warpstones and even the chest he missed on first game. FLAWLESS victory for me. 

After game rolls four of my five heroes got a skill in advance and all my henchmen including Barney got +1 weapon skill as advance rolls. Teugamo's one henchmen made it to hero and Lonkero's Troll died for good and Boss missed next game and two Big Uns heroes got -1 toughness due chest wounds...that was damn bad rolls for him and it kinda nuked his warband. After first game he got something like 100g and got two new Orc Boys as henchmen. All of that was invain now. Well thats how to dice bounces sometimes. For me personally this was the best performance ever in Mordheim game and also the very cool settings made it an evening to remember. Cheers and thanks for games mateys! OH! I got 1 1 1 when rolling for shards and my crew found old ruined tavern. It was possible to get 4d6 gold if I would pass leadership test. Naturally I didnt so my Crew went to drink up all the booze and shitdrunk even Captain Jack was yelling not to :D Doesnt count for mutiny but damn close haha. So my drunken Pirates got only 1d6 and rolled 4 with that. Till next time mi harties!

Oh some more pics from Teugamo's cam on his blog.
Teugamo's Blog

Mordheim part 1

"Yarrrr! Mi harties. Steady now said" Captain Jack when he commanded the ship to a ghostly docks of Mordheim. There was surely bloodshead and plenty of gold and rum to be had. Boarding party eagerly jumped on the slippery and broken docks. They have been unused for countless ages. Following their rugged treasure map carved from mans hide they made way hastily towards the ruined city and the rumored treasure tower.

Finally when the tower was on sight. Captain Jack used his telescope to figure the landscape and forge plan for the venture. Streets of Mordheim are filled dangers. Countless corpses piled in the city gutters are constant reminder of the grusome death that is waiting any who tresspass.

Curses! We are not alone. Captain Jack spotted rugged band of Orcs and a huge troll among them. Thats not the worst part. Straight ahead there are band of sissy High Elves in their shiny armors and long ears. Its going to be horrifying battle over the loots. 

Smelly Orcs! Slow witted but never unterestimated brutal and tough opponents.

Shady High Elves. Fast moving , skilled and deadly aim.

Nothing to worry about tought Captain Jack. Just let Barney loose and follow him and slit their guts open!

So began the slaugter! Teugamo plays with Shadow Warriors(High Elves) Lonkero with Orcs and myself with infamous Pirate Crew. We are playing a campaing and the rosters are new and shiny. Never played before that is. Purpose of the game was to collect 4 pieces of wyrdstone shards and in the bigger tower there was treasure chest what was actually secondary objective. Only the winner could claim those extra pieces of wyrdstone. Chest needed to be carried to claim it. 
We builded ruined city around the little forest in middle. Wyrdstone pieces are those little squares that shine like white to the camera :) One of them was on my left flank. One was near the tower and two were near the forest. Easy pickings for the Shadow Warriors. I choose to ignore the one in my flank in order to avoid fighting with Orcs and their Troll. So I head up towards the wyrdstone near the tower. Orcs moved to get the one piece on my flank and shadow warriors moved to claim the two nearby shards.

Shadow Warriors claimed two shards easily and position themselfs to let volley of arrow fire on me. Lonkero failed some stupidy test whit his Troll and it made me curse loudy since now I could of gotten in time to collect that piece he was after.

I move up and try find some cover before making my run to secure the only shard Im nearing to get my filthy hands on. Orcs move slowly towards the only piece of shard that is available to them. Shadow Warriors are getting ready for bow and arrow action.

Now is the time. There is small gap and I got to take my chances. Barney rushes forward and grabs the wyrdstone. He moves quite a bit faster than the rest of rugged sea dogs so they are left behind. My pistols have so short range they are not much of use yet. Im still planning to use them more in close combat anyways. 

Orcs finally manage to pick up their wyrdstone and now can move up where battle is going on.

Barney has three wounds but still those Shadow Warrios make such a hail of arrows that he falls to the deck as knocked down. By the following turns he gets up but does not pick up the wyrdstone shard but instead he charges the Shadow Warriors while rest of the gang moves up. They cant charge and just move as close as possible. I moved Captain Jack to the tower trying to pick up the treasure in top floor. 

Sharkbait Sally and Whiskey Willie are cut down by the arrows. 

Orcs are closing in the action trough the forest. Wise and cunning plan to let me and high elves to brawl a bit before joining up the fun. 

Barney cuts down his opponent or two! so does my rest of the crew. Bloody Mary gets a kill. Rest are done by henchmen. Also Harriet the Harlot guns down the leader of Shadow Warriors. Captain Jack is still climbing the tower.

Orcs and Troll emerge from the forest. I turn my tail and try to run away from them and do not touch the Shadow Warrior leader that is stunned and later knocked on the ground. Barney moves to chase the elf carrying their other warpstone. 

 Elf Leader gets up and now starts their last desperate shoot out. Orcs are still intact and we all know they are going to steamroll over us.

This is how it is before the Orcs.

Here they come and its going to be hurting time!

 Shadow Warriors finally manage to shoot Barney down and then the Orcs come rumbling down. Troll charges Bloody Mare and puts her out of action. Also Scarlet is knocked down by shooting. I got four guys out of action and take my rout test and flee. Shadow Warriors fail it also or choose to flee. So winner of the first game are the Lonkero with ORCS and the Troll! Sharkbait Sally got Frenzy on serious injury and Bloody Mary got Old Battle Wound. It was fun game and better luck next time! Rest of the crew survied and im very happy for it. I only got 30g from the game and it was all going to upkeep of my Red-Nose Barney. We played another game too but im going to report it tomorrow since its very late and tomorrow I got to be somewhere in the morning. Good night and good games!