maanantai 28. tammikuuta 2013

Fly my ravens

Avatars of War harpy with Daemonette head. First to test some colors and turned out pretty decent. 

torstai 24. tammikuuta 2013

Pegasus master and dark riders

Hello. Here is some pics of my converted Pegasus riding Master and Dark Riders convered mostly using Glade Riders.

Couple shots of Dark Riders. I really like these models. Both rider and the horses. Was two rider short so had to use few original Dark Riders among the Glade Riders. Converted them using crossbow arms from Corsair box. 

Sofar Im really happy how this turned out. Made from Archaon horse and dark pegasus bits. Removing legs from the mount was bit madness :D Didnt remember that legs didnt come off :) Used good 10 hours for filing and cutting them off. Green stuffed the mane and beard and made wings slightly bigger as the horse is much bigger as the original Pegasus. Also there is fur now beneath the saddle since it was pretty hard to clean it properly. Hopefully it will turn out good once painted :D

Needs some liquid greenstuff when got the time.

With Rider

maanantai 21. tammikuuta 2013

Building new Dark Elves for game on weekend.

We have game coming up on saturday. Its 2000p Dark Elves + 2000p Orcs and Gobbos VS 2000p High Elves + 2000p Dwarves. In that game mind I build up from very old models and bits and what not some of the missing elements of Dark Elves. 

Here is old charrior I dusted. I got new gw plastic cold ones to pull it. Needs still some converting. Other rider is original with some conversion and other is cutted black guard. Needs some work before painting(or possibly removing older paints)

Group of 5 Shades. Originally DoW unit of Mengil Manhide Flayers. Lost and cutted few so made this unit of kinda skirmish movement tray.

Very old converion of Witch Elf and Morathi. I think the original plan was to make her Hellebron :) Removed paints from Manticore and have to repaint it.

10 shades and their new movement tray with skirmish feeling. Removed paints also. 

Removed paints from old warriors and used bits and stuff to make new warriors. Unit of 35 + Sorceress. Used cold one knights torsos on front row to make them slighly bulkier. Champion is Phoenix Guard with Incubi head.

Original warrior unit with some headswaps. Also made Musican and champion.

Unit of 9 Crossbow warriors + Sorceress. Still need some head swaps since I dont like the orinals much.

Converted Crossbow warrior unit made from Glade Guards. Swapping them Corsair handbows. Unit of 15 and Sorcerer. They look pretty cool most likely this is the unit what is going to see play the most.

Well thats it for now :D Been busy few days. 

perjantai 18. tammikuuta 2013

Never ending projects part x

Games day edition of skin wolf. Got 2 and this one is assembled with out the empire victim. Should get 6 more skin wolfs from forge world sometimes soon. They are mainly for my chaos army but possibly see games in skaven as rat ogres :)

Unit of harpies for Dark Elves. Models are from Avatars of War. Used daemonettes head cos they are bit "prettier" than their own set of heads. What were horrifying in the good way but rather have some demonic glam to my elves. 

torstai 17. tammikuuta 2013

Final stages of corsair group 1

Here is the current progress of first of smaller groups :) Still need some work with details and errors. Blades need bit more work

Cloaks turned out pretty nice and are nearly done. Quite happy with progress.

Had to do some small modifications. Now they are very nearly ready :D just missing some small fixes.

Got second hydra for christmas :) This one has only 4 head due failcast problems. Also modified the back to have round scales instead of triangle ones. Hoping they will turn out good. Also this one has diffrent tail.

Small update on flag also.

torstai 10. tammikuuta 2013

Corsairs 1 (the Sea Serpents)

Corsairs unit 1 in current stage. Soon gonna do bases and then adding some washes and then finally moving down to single miniature painting. Here is unit champion from Avatars of War. He fits in quite well.

From side and the nearly done model on the left side. Love this banner. Going try some freehand on it. Planning to try somekind of sea dragon on it. Other corsairs are going to have Kraken and then my Cold One BSB is going to have Hydra on his banner. 

New shot. Bases and some washes done.

Small flag update.

Crappy pic but its not that great in rl either :D have to redo the front side.

Slightly slimmer. Im very bored at this flag and will get back to it later on :D

At current state.

Some new shots of the current process.

Small details need work like faces and armor is still mostly undone and inside of cloaks. Also golden areas are just based.

maanantai 7. tammikuuta 2013

Dark Elves, Crossbow warriors and corsair

Testing some colors on my crossbow warrior bunker. Decided not to use golden armor on core troops. So Warriors and Corsairs will not have golden armor what Black Guard and Knights have. Im so much happier with these models after changed their heads. There was only one head I liked from the warrior box. Also clipped the blade from the crossbow. These two still need lots of details but currently they are most advanced of bunch of 19 warriors.

I was half sleeping when came up the colors on this one, and it shows :D
For some reason pics of this one didnt quite came good..
Need to sleep it over and see how it looks tomorrow hehe

I like how the cloak turned out.