torstai 31. toukokuuta 2012

Artemis (in current state)

After working lots with Skaven hordes it was time for some new summer breeze, Artemis!

Little update on Artemis. Outside pic due better light :)

sunnuntai 27. toukokuuta 2012

Prepairing for friendly tournament/league

Hey, me and my mates are throwing a small tournament or league. We got four players rounded up. I will be playing my Skaven. Tiia will be using her and some of Lonkeros Orcs n Gobbos. Lonkero himselfs will be using High Elves and Teugamo with Dwarfs. We went u-turn with the constant lust for bigger games and set this one to be with 1000 point lists.

Having that on my mind ive have made lists and kept editing them for few days in row. Here is the final outcome of my evil plans and brainstorming in my lair. Here is pic of my minihorde! :) only 136 models!
Somehow the idea of this not being so friendly list after all crept into my mind...oh well its only a game!

My list is the following:

Warlock Engineer with Doom Rocket and he is lvl 1 wizard

24 Stormvermin with full command (engineer here)

30 Clanrats with full command, armed with spears and shields

30 Clanrats with full command, armed with hand weapon and shield, this unit has doom flayer weapon team

40 slaves, naked and wild!

5 jezzails

3  Rat Ogres with Master Bred Ogre and 2 packmasters.

For my great disappointment I didn't have enough points to field Abomination *hysterical cackle*

here is couple more mug shots of the vermins :)

lauantai 26. toukokuuta 2012

Olivia and Wave (update2)

Today I have been working mostly with chaos lords "wave" base and Olivia. Its late pics and rather dark. Face seems OK and that is the most important :) Leathers and other colors need some reworking.

Some update. Still not too happy about it.

Here you can see the shape. First I tried to make it with citadel water effect but it turned out to be rather shitty :) So then I made roll from see trought plastic and glued it on the front making the curvy wave. then added second plastic stripe on the back closing it. then added some citadel water effect but again with rather useless results. Now its filled with glue and I am past the point of making it transparent :) So its going to be painted like water when its dry and finished.

keskiviikko 23. toukokuuta 2012

Chaos Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch

Well seem bit useless update since it looks pretty much the same as last :D It has quite lot new paint on it tho. Mostly on shield and disc the orange flame parts. and some new stuff on robes. Slowly but surely. I want to make this one best of my work sofar :) Im also thinking of making the base really diffrent. With realistic water stuff im considering trying to make water and actual waves as it was surfin bird! Future updates will show how did that evil plan work in reality heh. Pics are bit odd for some unknown reason.

tiistai 22. toukokuuta 2012

Demons from the Warp!

More Demons. Seems like they all have kinda simalar colors even tho I dont think it was that planned :)

This one is from Reaper (name escapes from me now) Its few years old and had some paint on it. Now I started working the wings. Mostly on back not seen on these pics lol. Was planning to use this as Keeper of Secrets but that didnt work out so well as I dont want demon army heh :) Maybe could use him as Demon Prince. Then I got few models for those. Forgot to photoshop but its still so early stage no harm done.

maanantai 21. toukokuuta 2012

Chaos Lord & Photoshop (updated with surfin bird)

Worked on some details including flames and robes. Still lot to do. Im going to look if I still got the flying base plastic piece somewhere. No idea why I didnt use it when putting this together. Next im going to work on shield and the disc. Overall its very nice model, almost makes me want to get newer WoC book so I can play him properly along with my warriors. My opponents could use break from Skaven terror!

Its a bird! Its a plane! NO Its a Surfin Bird!
Havent you heard? 

I like this one lot better with some aqua surf on the disc :D

Surfin' bird in California sun :D Long live LSD!

Worked with the shield and disc. Also changed robe color outside. Purplish like inside now. I tought it had too much blue since his skin is blue also.

Better shot from the behind. Robe showing now. Still needs lot of work but its getting pretty psychedelic by now. Its been great model to practice more of the color sliding. Much smoother than my usual drybrush :D

Surfin Bird for those do not know it :D

sunnuntai 20. toukokuuta 2012

Chaos remake and Coolmini pics

After tried coolmini with few pics it was kinda obious my pics were too big :D Mistakes were there for me to clearly to see. So now im heading into new direction and trying out to make pics that are more suited for coolmini. Here is the first bunch and these are some older Chaos models that im trying to remake as modern standards. They werent that bad few years ago but since they were unfinished and painting has gone forwards large leaps(more than my skills can keep up). Deamon Prince for my Warriors of Chaos army and Chaos Lord on Dics of Tzeench. Just to be clear both are still WIP :)

lauantai 19. toukokuuta 2012

The Fang 2012

Well no luck this year :) This was my entry to single miniature warhammer fantasy.
Grey Seer, colors for using lore of plague and with customized base. Could of used this model last  night when my Screaming Bell broke down :D

perjantai 18. toukokuuta 2012

Might of Skavenblight forces High Elves and Dwarfs to form Alliance

 Hello, sorry for long break but been busy with The Fang. I had some problems to deside what model to run on the competition. When finally my mind was made up I only had two and half days to paint it :D So more of that in the upcoming The Fang post after the results are known. Not expecting much from this year but next one I will be better prepared. So back to this post what is about SKAVEEEEENN!!! WHOOOO! :D and those other bastards who are going to feel the hurt. This is game number seven and we got addition to our playing team. Teugamo finally got some of his Dwarfs ready for some real action(snacks for my rats). Before the game lot of Tikitalk was made and even tho I claimed it surely to be another massacre Teugamo was high spirited. Lonkero the other hand was bit gloomy and stated his tactics of the game was to send his troops to die...Cheer up mate! I have to say that he did with a slight smile on his face haha.

Forces of the Order. From left to right. High Elves: Ellyrian Reavers, Swordmasters and Archmage, Prince on Great Eagle, Seaguards and then Dwarfs: Stone Thrower, Cannon with engineer and rune of  flame(!) Big unit of Hammerers, Bolt Thrower, Anvil of Doom(made of ice cream sticks!), 16 thunderers and finally unit of Slayers! Models are Avatars of War Dwarven Berserkers and they look darn sweet.

Forces of Cheezuz! From left to right. Block of 49 slaves with engineer on back row leading them, Doomwheel, Plague Furnace/Plague Priest/Plague Monks, Hellpit Abomination, Screaming Bell/Grey Seer/BsB/Stormvermin, Jezzails with sharpshooter, Clanrats with spears in horde, Warp Lightning Cannon,unit of 49 slaves and engineer and lastly unit of 6 Rat Ogres with Masterbred Ogre and Master Moulder and two Packmasters. Phew that was it. OOOH! Dwarfs had miners and I got small unit of Gutter Runners in addition to that list.

Spells for me were Curse of the Horned Rat. Scorch, Warp Lighting and Death Frenzy. For Plague Priest got Pestilence Breath and some other AoE Spell what felt bit useless. High Elves got the one spell I was dreading. Flames of the Phoenix or such...Dwarfs got another keg of ale and it was drank before match even started. My magic phase was going to be dominated by combined powers of great magic of high elves and those darn dispell dices from dwarfs. So no big expectations from that phase for me.

Have to admit it looks bit dire for the Forces of Order. They are fielding around 150 models agaist my 250+
This time Lonkero finally agreed to use some "magic" terrain. The forest on left was somekind of blood forest what would react to magic. Shortly: avoid it! Alright lets kick the report in.

Hordes of Skaven marched forward. Crushing any who would stand against them. Untill the Horde met allied forces of High Elves and Dwarfs. They had set up a desperate defensive battleline and said their last prayers to the cold mornings wind. That rising blow had eerie feeling what made the forces of order shiver.

With lightning speed elite cavalry of Ellyrian Reavers pushed forth. Making their vanguard move before the skaven could even react. Their commander had doubts of weather it was so smart to move so close the Skaven battle line but followed orders calmly.

Grey Seer watched atop his great engine of destruction. With high spirited he looked down the fools trying to spoil his grand schemes. Will of the Horned Rat was not never to be questioned.  

Slaves moved about nervously when the sound of High Elven forces moved ever closer. Warlock Engineer could not see the battlefield clearly as he had lost his super enchanted telescope. He tried to see clearly what is going on with the battle. Slaves ranks waved and he felt the pressure to declare charge before his unit would scatter and scurry away leaving him alone in danger.

With squeaking voice commanded CHARGE! Kill-kill the fancy ones! Finally something to do the slaves eagerly rushed forward a large distance. Warlock Engineer suddenly realized what a gambit he had made. Joyfully he kept squeaking and inspiring those in front of him to tear down enemies.

High Elves Stood their ground when horde of ratmen poured towards. Hold said their commander. Ready your bows and rain death to these filthy beasts. Arrows flied and they had deadly aim. Rats fell dead from arrows but to their horror it was not enough to even slow them. Infact it made them even more ferocious. With skill and speed High Elves met the furry horde with shiny steel. Sadly for them it was not enough and rats jumped atop each other and overwhelmed the brave defenders. Cutting them down to the last elf. Prince swooped around with his Great Eagle and saw the destruction of his men. What could of gone wrong he wondered. My plan solid in every term of militaty tactic, even the avarage of things proves me right...

Whole Skaven battle line moved forward. They were eager to rip rest of their foes to pieces and eat the dead where they would fell. Grey Seer felt his magic flicker and couldnt get his spells working. Oh Great Horned One, grant your servarnt boon. he chanted. On his side he watched team of Jezzails blast their mighty weapons. Puffs of green smoke came out from the barrels after each shot. In the distance he could see how dwarfs fell from the fire. He sneered and shouted insults towards the fallen dwarfs. Cannon was also wiring up a shot of lightning but for some odd reason nothing happened. Engineering crew started to work double time to fix things. 

High Elf Prince saw great chance to success. Opportunity had presented itself. Singe Doomwheel was rolling near the forest. His eyes gleamed with greed for the Glory he would soon accomplish. He pulled the reins of the Great Eagle and came charging down like an arrow of destruction. Doomwheel's engineer seemed to dropped of some shiny gear on his way and turned around to pick it up. Prince saw this and realized that he had miscalculated the distance tried to find some other chance for glory. There was only one other Rat unit close by. He redirected his charge towards it. 

Once he approached the fuming war machine he once more realized the error of his ways. Another plan formed fast on his witty mind. Instead of charging down like madman he landed his mount near the machine and shouted challenge to fat rat who seemed to be in charge of the machine.

Eyes flashing with anger the fatty took the challenge and epic battle took place. Prince took up the wings of his eagle again and came swooping down tipping his lance straight to the big belly of the Priest. Evasion attempts were futile. Prince plunged his lance deep into the rats belly scoring a nasty gash. Plague Priest raised his flail high above and rained down blows with mighty strength. Plague monks near the furnace watched in awe as their leader proved himself in combat. Blood was spilled by both fighters. Prince was in slightly underhanded situation but hold his courage. Seeds of doubts began to form as he glanced behind. Whole army was in retreat. This is not how you win a battle was his last tought before the fumes from war machine reached him and suffocated him agonizingly. Sea of squeaking was released from the Skaven forces, cheering for victorious fatty.

Another surge forward. Horde moved forward nearly gaining the unwilling enemy.

Doomwheel finally found the gear it had dropped behind and turned to face enemy once more.

Grey Seer felt how the Horned One touched his soul with icy paws. He know this would be his hour of glory. Spell was forming up. The Dreaded thirteenth! Grant us your boon! and so the spell flowed even with massive resistances of High Elves and Dwarfs. It was unstopable. Fell fires and fumes rised from earth as Hammerers looked in horror how their own comrades turned into ratmen. With heavy heart and grudge in their mind they were forced to cut down their twelve formed friends in middle of turning. High Elf Archmage Shouted words of courage to his battered allies. Its only a flesh wound, do not worry about it. 

Angered by Skaven magic and arrogance of High Elves Slayers gripped their weapons tight and charged the Rat Ogres. Yet another shout of courage was heard, Go for the big one. Kill it before its too late. For somereason the Demonslayer took heed of this and stepped forward to challenge the MASSIVE and FIERCE Master Bred Rat Ogre. What a sad day for dwarfs. Master Bred Rat Ogre tore Demonslayer from limb to limb and tossed the parts in random directions. Rest of the Rat Ogres went into killing frenzy and many more slayers were tossed around and stomped to death. Finally tooking severe beating slayers managed to hit back beheading one Rat Ogre. It was enought and they would submit to their upcoming deaths in glory. Goob Job! shouted the Arcmage.

When casting the Grand spell of the Horned Rat the Grey Seer must of done something to offend its Deity. Archmage of High Elves put evil fires of phoenix around the Screaming bell. Some of the Stormverming burned in horrid deaths. Even worse was to come. The flames kept coming closer and ever higher.

Anvil of Doom made race of pace with the Screaming Bell but lost. With enormous warpstone energy blast Anvil was removed from the face of this world and sent into some other plane of existance. Hopefully there is beer whereever they went.

Despite the fires burning around the bell. Stormvermins made a charge agaist the depleted unit of Hammerers. Slaves and Clanrats made final move agaist the lines of Dwarfs and Elves and finally reached. Whole battlefield was torn open by fights all around.

Unit of Slayers is wiped out by the frenzied Rat Ogres. Sea Guard Charge Abomination. Gutter Runners emerge from behind of Dwarfs warmachines. Making valorous last stand forces of order are cut down and eaten. Final acts of defiance Dwarf Hammerers destroy Screamin Bell and Gray Seer drops from theWreckage.Battle is at its end. Rats will dine well tonight! Thanks for the games guys. You were terrific snack :) Better luck next time, you surely need it hehe

Casualities of Skaven

 Those Skaven who Lived to see another day. Quite many I would say :D

And finally here are some pictures that Teugamo took from ther otherside the board.
Teugamo's Blog  Enjoy, I did :)