maanantai 9. heinäkuuta 2012

Dark Elves vs Warriors of Chaos vs Cat.

Today I was playing around with my newly build(but not yet painted ofc) armies of DE and WoC. Made both list of 2000 and then played agaist myself(i know its very sad) to get a grip of the mechanics and feel of their magic and such. Game wasnt too serious since didnt have printed lists for either so had to jump around with comp and opened army builder. To sum it up. WoC has fierce melee and magic. De has superb magic and really nice shooting. Not to mention their melee has some really nice touches.  Like Black Guard and Assassins. Chaos Ogres were the Heroes of chaos side and Repeater Warriors on DE side. Both list seemed really nice to play :) made some bad mistakes but those are now learned before first game agaist real opponent :D Also my cat was playing along as terrain piece. Sometimes she would trample some of my Chaos Warriors and lay upon Trolls. Clearly favoring the DE. Cant wait for games with these lists :)

torstai 5. heinäkuuta 2012

Some Dark Elves

Dug out my old Dark Elves. Also got this new Sorceress model from Avatars of War. Tried out some colors and came to the same Ive gotten some of my Skaven Lord characters. Atleast Black Guard unit is going to be with same style. Not much updates lately but Ive been busy with building armies of Chaos and Dark Elves and their movement trays and such :) Its lot of work.

Some new detail on armor and stuff

With Black Guard Champion 

Champion, he is kinda wearing power first :D

Some more details and first try on eyes. Im not too impressed, its too late for such thing :D

Nearly done.