tiistai 8. lokakuuta 2013

WoC vs Orcs 'n Gobbos 3000 point game.


We had big 3000 point game with Tiia this saturday. It was bloody game here are some shots and somewhat of a report. We rolled mountain pass as scenario and went clean board with no scenery.

My list of Warriors from left to right

Giant mark of Nurgle
10 Marauder horsemen with flails and mark of Khorne(behind them is my lvl4 nurgle lord and 8 trolls)
Gorebeast chariot with mark of Khorne
20 Chosen of Khorne and they got +1AS from eye of the gods. So they with 3+ save and extra weapon.
24 Warriors of Khorne with halberds
3 Skullcrushers with bsb
10 warhounds
spawn of tzheeenxhvhhvhdshglkshd

Tiias list on bottom from left to right.

15 Boar boyz
20 Orc boyz
Lots(?) big uns with black orc hero.
Black Orcs with Black Orc Lord.
10 Wolfriders with bows.
there are also unit of 8 trolls but not in the picture. oh another chukka, rock lobba and unit of about 30 bow gobbos with lvl 4 shaman are there somewhere too :)

Here is good sideways pics of the armies and my vanguard move. 

Oh some mugshots of the players. 

Wolfking thinking about the last tactics before game...RAAAAAAH!

And here is Tiia. All orcish and ready to kick my butt :)

I get the first turn. I was bit greedy. Should of gone second since I dont really have any shooting and cant reach orcs yet :D 

Turn of the Orcs. Few failed charges from the orcs. Giant makes charge on my warhounds who fail terror and flee. Giant then redirects to my Skullcrushers.

Boar boyz charge my Marauder Horsemen. I was hoping to mangle them to tiny bits but rolled like crap :) Even my Champion who made challenge with 3 attacks failed utterly. 

And here is the price of the failure. Only one of my Marauders are standing. Killed only around 6 piggybaggers.

Giant did make one wound to my bsb before juggernauts ate him.  Skullcrushers lust for more carnage!

Here is what it looks after Tiias turn. Shoothing or magic didnt do much.

My Turn and let the thunder echo from multiple charges! (chosen bastards failed) I also rally my fleeing warhounds.

This is going to bloody massacre. No matter who wins the surviors are goin to be dancing on pile of mutilated corpses :)

CHOP CHOP! Sadly things are not going as I planned. Rolled like a mofo and warrios dont score enough. Infact they end up losing and with no steadfast im gonna take it in where sun doesnt shine. 

Bitter taste of defeat. Didnt think it would go this way :)

Big Uns surge forward and utterly destroy rest of the warriors.

Black Orcs and Skullcrushers battle. I kill around 10 and lose one beast in the process. 

Tiias turn: Orc boyz charge my Chosen. Big Uns turn to face Skullcrushers flank. Goblin Wolfriders charge my spawn. Magic does some debuff that I must reroll 6 on Chosen. Shooting....oh well yeah :D Here is the power of orc lobba. Damned direct hit on my Sorceror Lord  and instakills him even trough 4+ ward and reroll to wound hit :D Ouch! This leaves my trolls alone without babysitter and they are useless for rest of the game. 

Hex makes my Chosen feel bit woozy and they dont do much. I think the combat was draw. Orc boys are having time of their spongebob lifes. 

I drop few more Black Orcs but still they hold.

Spawn uses his breath attack and breaks Goblin Wolfriders.

They run trough River Trolls and I chase right into their welcoming arms.

tiistai 1. lokakuuta 2013

Gorebeast on the works

Little progress on the chariot and mostly on its crew. Converted Barbarians from Russian Alternative. These guys were shield warriors but swapped them both another melee weapon to fit more Khorne and additional attacks.