tiistai 27. marraskuuta 2012

Happy Day!

My order from Raging Heroes arrived today. That includes 20 Blood Vestals (5 command and 15 troop models) and also special character that can be used as Death Hag. These deadly ladies look very awesome! Im still waiting for my Predaror charriot and one knight from Waylands. They are from Gamezone  Miniatures. More pics when getting the unit of 10 together and the charriot. So much awesome stuff to paint im dazzled quite frankly :) 

maanantai 26. marraskuuta 2012

Hello again

Hey all who reads :) I messed up the blog with using too large pics and turns out that my accout is full :D So that either left me three options. First: delete older posts. Second: edit pictures to be smaller and then edit posts. Or last to start new blog and not fuck up again. After trying to make second blog only to notice its bind to my account I said tear in my eyes."OK GOOGLE TAKE MY MONEY!".

Did some tryouts with basing my Dark Elves. Chose the theme to be rocky this time. Little more complext than most of my Skaven. Still basing seems to be hardest thing for me to get right and be happy with results.

First here is some pics of the process. On these shots Beastmasters are still black with only base started. While making the bases I found that the old color of the base wasnt quite right. So did few alteration for it.

On stage 2 is shot of crossbow warriors and Sorceress. They are still in lot of being remade. There are currently atleast 4 diffrent color warriors in the unit and they look like crap :D

Here is Sorceress and little more advanced Beastmasters and Hydra. Im going to use slightly darker shade on the rocks.

Lastly is blurry but good side view of the Hydra base.

tiistai 20. marraskuuta 2012

Dark Elves War Hydra

Some pictures of the Hydra we got in our trip to London.  It was black in last game but now picking up color nicely. 

HEYO!!!! (still ediding the pics to correct order)

Hello again and sorry for the long absence. We had a game some time ago and here are some pics of it. This was also part of my bday and as present got the table for my place aswell. Thanks all!

Oh and I had cake that wasnt a lie :D