tiistai 28. elokuuta 2012

Sophie the Succubus vol xxx

Today got slight inspiration to paint. Worked bit on this great reaper model. Its still very much work on progress. Painted mostly  base and some leather parts. I removed paints from it once so some areas look bit goofy at the moment. Hopefully tomorrow brings some new paint on her. 

Todays stuff. Sophie coming up in two diffrent lightening, first with flash.

Another great model by reaper. Trying out something bit diffrent again. Greenish colors. 

Little update:

Some more skin is painted

Evenings updates.

Some test shot.

tiistai 21. elokuuta 2012

Skaven 3000p VS Dwarfs 2000p & High Elves 1000p

Hello! Long time no see :) Its been reaslly quiet summer for me and this shows on the blog aswell. We finally got a game going on. It was bit bigger one. 3000 points on each side. Since Lonkero has been slacking on getting more troops in is glittering sailors they were forced to join up with the drunken dwarfs to have shooting chance againt the hordes of under-empire. Thats right folks, its skaven time for me :) It was hard decision but using Warriors of Chaos and dark elves bit later. I need Hydra for Dark Elves to make them valid list.  Pictures start when we just were setting up the game and assembled the models on table. It was hard job to do after so long time. Also the rules had somewhat forgotten but smooth game in the end, bit slow tho. 

Another picture before game started. Showing all the forces to be fielded

Teugamo is tacking pictures of the Hordes of Skaven. He looks worried and rightly is so :D

He is counting the models on my side and its over 300 I can say that much :D

 Now the deployment is done. Some blood forest on the left and some hill in middle and small cottage near forest. That made me deploy more to right.

From my opponents eyes the battlefield looked like this.

So started the battle but quick recap of the forces. Enemy side left to right is. Noble BSB on great eagle, unit of Swordmasters and unit of Seaguard with Archmage. Thats it for Elves. Dwarfs had Grudge Thrower, Horde of Dwarven Warriors with Great Weapons, Cannon, Unit of Warriors, must of been long beards or such or hammerers. Cant recall anymore :)  Organ Gun and then some Crossbow Dwarfs and finally there is Anvil of Doom on far right corner. 

Im having from left to right. Doomwheel (deployed far from other units) Unit of naked Slaves. 5 Jezzails with sharpshooter. 40 Plague Monks with Plague Priest and Plague Furnace( all that plague *shudders*) Another 50 naked Slaves. Then spear horde of clanrats with BSB and below another horde of handweapon+shield clanrats. Then is the main unit of Stromvermin and Screaming Bell with Grey Seer(my General) last there is Warplighting Cannon (not on the pic). also had 2 weapon teams. One fire thrower and one mortar.

Good guys get the first turn (as always) Shooting kills some slaves

And Jezzails.

Grudge Thrower hits on my stormvermins and many die.

My opponent only moved great eagle and slighty posited swordmasters and seaguard. All Dwarves stayed still and drank more beer or such.

My Turn. I  move everything up. Shooting goes well for my Doomwheel :D It fries the Lonkeros chicken hero. Rest of my magic and shooting does some but nothing major. 

On next rounds my Stormvermins take Heavy casuality cos of focus fire. For rest of the battle I was too drunk to get pictures but here is how it went about. I close up. Teugamo charges with his horde and breaks mine. After he Breaks the other horde too. My puny rats aint no match for two handed weapon stunties.
On the good side. He doesnt catch any of my units. And on left side Im rolling over high elves. On the pic is Plague Furnace making mess of two of his units :D Most died on the green oozing fumes ahaha. I break both and catch seaguards. Thats it pretty much for High Elves. Swordmasters running soon off the table and this side is total Victory. On right side with Dwarves is not so easy but when Game was called to end I still had all my units on the table. tho 2 were running :D The game was long so we could not finish it properly. Oh I had unit of gutter runners and teugamo had miners :D Those miners attacked my Doomwheel and were grinded to tiny bits of meaty hair tufts :D 

Another victory for Skaven and their nearly unbeatable High Warlord! :D thats me :)

Untill next time. May the Cheese be with you my fellow rats.

keskiviikko 1. elokuuta 2012

Summer edit and magnet madness.

Hey! Its been long time since my last update :) I havent been painting that much really. Here are the Dark Elf Black Guards with bit more color on. Slow progress. On the good side ive magnetized pretty much all my armies. Some are still missing but way over half are done :) This includes making the trays and putting magnets on the models bases. Have to say they work wonderfully :) Metal models need 2-4 magnets each but Plastics and Resin can do fine with just one. Its gonna take awhile to get back on the painting. Busy summer overall :) New game is planned for 18th this month. Im eager to try my Chaos or Dark Elves for the first real game!