tiistai 28. helmikuuta 2012


Some random shots of Barney and Mikey and of course of the new bases. Gotta love the second pic with darker colors. There is rope(didnt work so well but Im hoping some more paint on it will make it show better) and then some chest that is not yet pinned so it can still be moved. I felt like the base needed something cos its obiously worse than those smaller bases. Made new darker color on the sides. Snakebite Leather color was looking bit too yellow. 

 Tomorrow im having another Warhammer game with my Verminious Horde. Green things will be eaten again. Due this im not sure when I can add the finishing touch on Barney but hopefully soon enough. 

Here is couple more with better light. Im still trying to get lots of pics with diffent lighting and setting. Sometimes its bit painful but im hoping there is somekind of reward in the end. In form of learning how to take better pictures :D I installed photoshop and learning to do some stuff it too. Seems quite handy, even more so with some skill heh.  Sally here is focused very much in detail, maybe too much.

Barneys backround is made black with few tools in use and also focus. It gives that funny white lines around the edges. Some color correction is used since the origal was very yellow due sunlight.

maanantai 27. helmikuuta 2012

Base boards

Grass bases on the Pirate crew felt bit off. So started brainstorming how to make something more suitable and fluffy. Shipboards/tavern floor came to mind. First I tried to paint it but it was horrible failure. Then I got the idea to make mold of some skaven warmachines woodenboards. Rest was easy enough. Apply some stuff on the mold and then cut it fit to base and then paint when its dry. Here they are!

Might not be the best boards around but atleast I made them myself, kinda :)

Barneys base was harder since its much bigger. It doesnt look so good as the others but im thinking of putting some small chest lying there so it would cover the bad spots. Overall the Pirates are really happy to have some wood beneath they feets. Feels so much more like home, on the high seas :)

New bases.

I felt that grass bases were not that suitable for Pirates. So began the brainstorming and then I finally figured how to make shipboard/tavern bases :) Here is couple of test shots. 

Here is bigger and quite a bit harder to make. Barney likes it!
It was evening well spent :)

torstai 23. helmikuuta 2012

Red-Nose Barney?

Barney, Sally and Mad Mikey got some new stuffs on them. Mostly focusing on Barneys huge nose :)

Nearly halfway done...

These two ladies are soon done. Needs some detail and got to figure how to do few parts that im still unsure. Like the buttons and sleeves on coat.

Group pic with the current "got more paint on" crew.

keskiviikko 22. helmikuuta 2012

Mad Mikey bitten Barneys Ead off! OUCHIE! (orc accent)

Here we go again :) Barney has got some more paint on him. He also carries around the crews mascot MAD MIKEY! You really dont wanna mess with the litte critter :)

Some evidence why not. Barney isnt too happy about it tho. Might still swap his name to Sore-Nose Barney.

She may be a harlot but still pack nice pair of...umh pistols!

Light is getting worse by now. I hate painting at winter times :)

tiistai 21. helmikuuta 2012

Sharkbait Sally (still work in progress)

So this Cabin Girl got some color on her last night. Still needs some finishing touch but most likely to be ready today. Im still having lots of hard time with the eyes. Need lot more practice to make them actually looking good :) Also the skin is quite far from smooth and blending. 

This close up shows some flaws of the model and in my painting. The dagger arm is conversion since she was missing arm from the cast. It kinda shows in this pic but overall its better in real life :) Pictures can se so cruel sometimes heh.

Bit more details added and with Scarlet.

Some painful close up. Some grass of hay is around the models but I blame the Captain Jack for that :)

Yaaaarrrr! Matey!

Some shots of my upcoming Mordheim warband. As you might of guessed its a Pirare Crew :)
Ive tried to make as much as possible a what you see is what you get.

Here are two crew members(henchman) with Cutlass and Dagger. They are called Scarlet and Crimson :)

Here is two Gunners(henchman) with Brace of Pistols. Named them Harriet the Harlot and Harald the Horrible

Here is two cabin girls(heroes) to please the captain :) First is Sharkbait Sally with Cutlass and Dagger and other is Screamin Sue with Pistol and Dagger

In this pic there are two Ship's Mates(heroes) One with Sword and Dagger is Whiskey Willie and the Lovely  Lady is Bloody Mary with Pistol and Cutlass.

And finally we have the Captain Jack and His loyal bodyguard Black-Eye Barney.

keskiviikko 15. helmikuuta 2012

Green things were all eaten!

Yesterday was the long awaited fourth game. Game itself was played once more quite easy fashion without not much things on the field.

This is overlook of the both armies. Skaven on top and the Orcs below.

This is how we deployed. I was planning to have strong center and crush him from the sides. He had plans to hold and shoot me up before I get to him :)

Close up of his very nice freehand painted Battle Standard Bearer.

 Turn one, Skaven rush forward. My warlord on brood horror makes move to right. I was thinking there is enough meat to hold the center without it.

As the battle goes on he holds up and shoots with his chukkas, doom diver and archers. Also bit of magic. I dont have anything on long range other than the warp lighting cannon but rolling badly with it. I made charge on his wolf riders on right side and he chose to flee. On this turn I finally got my slaves to combat and he chose to stand and shoot. Most of his ranged attacks were focused on my Ratogers and their handlers.

Failing his animousity the goblins fight eachoter. Also he had 2 or 3 miscasts and failed to eat mushroom 2 times with his night goblin shaman. This was quite fun since in previous games there was no miscasts. Nothing too bad happened tho. His orc shaman detonated but since its not in unit no damage was dealt.

Here my Doomwheel uses Zappp and fries three boar riders. Orc shaman got some melee buff spell on. Nothing I was worrying about.

On this photo ive declared multiple charges around the table since im finally in range. Doomwheel does not charge but rolls forward toward the shaman and frying him with zapp before he is mutilated to pieces by the rolling doom device. My left slave block fail to charge the Big 'Uns block. Plague furnace charges to giant and archers. Ratogres(what is left of them) charge river trolls. My clanrat spear horde is too wide to charge and just takes place behind the ratogres since they are bound to die fast. Warlord on brood horror charge doom diver and victorious right slave block charge on the spear chukka.

He charges the two remaining boar boyz and the 15 big uns to my doomwheel. I break his Giant and Archers and both run and Plague Furnace clashes into his black orc bunker. On right both of his war machines are destroyed. Also he cast some vortex spell that is shown on right bottom. We kinda forgot it there for turn or two :) Eventually it flew off the board and didnt cause much harm.

To my horror he manages to break my doomwheel on the left flank and runs it down :/ He also rally his archers and giant. Goblins on right prepares to face my slaves and warlord. His biguns also turn to face my left skaven block. On center his black orcs kicked my plague monks and he made challenges what I first aswered with my unit champion and the second round with my plague priest and his warboss butchered both of them with ease. Luckily my unit is unbreakable and they will hold :)
Few rounds later game is nearing end. My plague monks and the furnace is holding on middle for still little while. He manages eventually to kill and break the monks :) On right my warlord breaks the gobbos but does not pursue. He charges and finished off the giant and then runs toward his command bunker and kills his warboss. His biguns break and chace down the left slaveblock and turns towards furnace(and destroys it eventually). My clanrat spear horde kills the remaining river trolls. 

When game ends I have my warlord(took wound or two but still fit for battle) and my spear horde mostly intact. Oh my warp lightning cannon was forgot on the right bottom but it managed to kill remaining spear chukka on his left top corner. We didnt count the victory points correctly but in the end I had over 600 points and his army was totally crushed. About in middle of the game we made discovery that he was actually using the 30 goblin archers what werent supposed to be on this list. That gave us a good laugh but even that didnt manage to tip the victory out of my furry paws :D 

All hail the hordes of the Skavenblight!(forgot to take pics of the very end since it was quite late already) It was very tough game and didnt feel easy at anypoint. Again his black orcs and his warboss were proven to be really tough nut to crack. He is currently only using 10 of them but having 20-30 feels like a horror :) In future games im going to have problems with them im afraid.

maanantai 13. helmikuuta 2012

Battle agaist the Green Horde.

Tomorrow Im having my fourth game agaist my friend and his tide of green menace. Im expecting this to be one more victory on the process.  This time my army has plenty of new monster and units so it will be exiting game.

First of my new testing units in this battle will be Blood Furnace and Plague Priest driving it. Paintjob is a work in progress. The Furnace itself is being pushed to battle by regiment of Plague Monks. Im expecting much from its performance :)

Then I have unit of Ratogres. Four of them with two handlers whipping their backs. Could of used more but had problems getting everything I want on the list. Only one of them is painted currently...

Last but certainly not least I have the Brood Horror and Skaven Warlord riding it(not in picture since he still gray). Lovely model from Forge World. Cant wait to finish the painting.