tiistai 26. helmikuuta 2013


Hello. Its been awhile since last update. Got new Warriors of Chaos book and been busy building new 2000 point list with my old very mixed stuff. This one list Im pleased with. Possibly games coming on weekend! Very exited to try this list. Its got:

Deamon Prince of Nurgle as general. It has lvl 4 magic and wings +some juicy upgrades.
I have 4 passable daemon prince models(3 in pic) and they arent very nurgly. So one of them has to get paints removed at some point :D

24 marauders with flails and mark of Khorne. I didnt want to buy anymore models to my army. These were only ones I managed to patch up and with headswaps and flails they are decent. With their cost increase large unit isnt worth it IMO so this wider and smaller is nice threat with hitting power.

10 Chaos Warhounds. They are with vanguard and poison. Pretty nice, cheap and has its uses.

Chariot with mark of Khorne(not in pic, need to assemble it)

5 Marauder Horsemen with mark of Khorne and flails.

6 Chaos Ogres with great weapons and mark of Nurgle
Great weapons they will hit last so maybe that mark will give them some protection.

5 Chaos Knights with full command and mark of Khorne and weapon upgrade.

8 Chaos Trolls(Skin Wolf models) Im thinking of making somekind of wolf cult as my theme. in future im going to get some space wolf thunder wolfs as juggernauts and some fernisian wolves as warhounds.

and last and maybe least I got the Spawn with mark(not sure what im going to use yet)

and here is the pic :D There is going to be some repainting as some colors are very old and made with totally diffrent theme in mind. Im going to make them dark and use undivided kinda feel. Even tho using diffrent marks. Somehow when GW changes things and stuff. Dont feel like making any mono mark theme anymore.

tiistai 5. helmikuuta 2013

Dark Elf warriors

Here is two units of my warriors. Other is with spears and other is with xbows. 

These had only minimal conversions. Headswaps mostly. Wanted them to have coneheads from corsairs and  knights. Champion and Musican models are there. 

This one is my bunker for High Sorceress. 35+her, Full command. I was originally going trash them all. Then after paint removal and compleate rework with using bits from high elf phoenix guard, corsairs, dark elven warriors, some wood elves and then finally lots of Dark Eldar heads. Oh and not to forget some torsos are from the Cold One Knights box. Front row mostly to give some bulkier appearance. Few other bulky ones in the middle aswell. I ran out of shields and had to improvise with them :) Overall Im quite happy for all the hard work :)

Some pics of the Unit Champion of Spear Warriors and testing of colors.

Spear Warriors front row at current state. Left side has more paint atm.

maanantai 4. helmikuuta 2013


This vid is made by Teugamo. It was from last big game. Enjoy!


PS. Some mistakes were made and lots of high elves and dwarfs killed in the process :D

Edit: Had to change music for the report.