lauantai 28. syyskuuta 2013

Wolfs and Bears

Hello. Some new projects rising! I finished building and started paiting my two Barbarian Shamans on Daemonic(bear) mounts. On top is the intented Lord level model. Mostly going for Nurge lore or Death. This model is from Ax Faction and its one of the best resin models ive seen sofar. 

This one is bit more like feral elven type shaman and he is primarly going to be  Hero with Lore of Fire. That means no mark.  Silly thing was that I build them both on 40mm base as they used to  be only to find GW changed their size to 50mm without personally sending me update letter about it. Rather upset but not going to change bases now they are this far. 

After many test and lots of tought my charriot has morphed into this! Its Gorebeast Charriot now with mark of khorne(Barbarian Style). More pics somewhere on the following posts, I hope :)

keskiviikko 18. syyskuuta 2013

Barbarian King

Heh this is my Barbarian King model. He normal rank and file model from Warriors of Chaos Chosen unit. I made coolmini pic earlier but as it got crushing reviews from my friends I was forced to do some modifications :) Here are some first changes and hopefully he is compleated soon and putting new pic on coolmini... :D

Little update and test. Still going to adress few of the problems.

perjantai 13. syyskuuta 2013

Barbarian Chick (wip) on Chariot base.(edit)

Here is test shot of the Charriot base Ive been working on lately. Also painted little the Shield Warriors unit champ.

Flashy update

Started up with Barbarian King


Shot of this evenings hard work :)

Almost done. Just few last modifications and then off to coolmini :)

Alright. Here it is! Korgoth of Barbaria! haha

torstai 12. syyskuuta 2013

Barbarian Chariot and Snowy Bases(first try)

Somewhat crappy pics but there is the charriot I build for my WoC. I got these barbarians from Degra miniatures but they were slightly smaller than rest of my guys so Chaos Lord barked them into charriot crew.
Its a shitty job but someones gotta do it lads! Chariot is older metal Chaos Charriot and horses are from Marauder Horsemen kit. 

Also tried making snowy base for first time. Been thinking that awhile and finally had the balls for it. 

tiistai 10. syyskuuta 2013

Some final Barbarian units forming up.

Chosen of Chaos. This unit is somewhat pinnacle of my army. It has rounded up champios of every chaotic aspect. Beastmen, Warriors, Barbarians and even Demons. I Love this and dont even want to count how from how many diffrent range my army now has models.

Charriot with Barbarians, might have change the horses tho. Not happy with current ones. They seem somewhat too bulky for those little barbarians riding it :) Could try Marauder Horsemen horses tomorrow.

Coolmini Female Barbarian to lead Shield Warriors of Nurge. Now its pretty much all here :) Still waiting one Bear Riding Barb chick from wayland to arrive. Its been long and time consuming brainstorm effort to get these all together :) Now I can finally focus more on the painting...YAY! :D

maanantai 2. syyskuuta 2013

High Elves vs Ogres of the Sandbox (2000p game)

Alrighty then. This is the other game we played on weeked few weeks ago. Report is coming so late cos im not playing in it and naturally this makes it so much less interesting :P Anyways this was the second time we tried something else than battleline. Blood and Glory was rolled to be the scenario on this one. Here is the board before the game. Lonkero with High Elves and Teugamo's second game with new Ogres.

Lonkeros High Elves are packed tight. There are Frost Phoenix on the left, Next are some Spearmen, Big block of Phoenix Guard, Swordmasters, Big block of Silver Helms and Bolt thrower there on far right. Few Wizard Characters there aswell, somewhere.

Here are Teugamo's Boner Eaters from Khemri. 4 Mournfangs on the bottom. Next are Iron Guts with some character and then Ogre Bulls with some character. Leadbelchers and that ogres chariot cannon thing on top.

Lonkero gets the first turn and moves Frost Phoenix to face Mournfangs. Rest of the line move slighty forward.

Teugamo makes long charge with iron guts. For some reason he leaves bulls behind and exposing his flank.

Lonkero takes heed and silver helms clash in flank. Also spearmen who marched trough forest make charge. Luckily Teugamo has buffed his ogress to have mad toughness and they hold somewhat decently even with extreme pressure. Lonkero turns Swordmasters face Phoenix and Mournfang combat on bottom. Thinking his elves can make short work of the Ironguts.

Fight continues

Also here. Frost Phoenix is holding like mad.

Ironguts break and Ogres finally make charge agaist Silver Helms.

At this point game was getting heated and we forgot the check the breaking points. When we did it was clear that Ogres had lost theirs and it was victory for High Elves.

 I think Teugamo could of been more agressive and not trying to get shots off with shoothing phase. Both games we played the scenario rules chose the victor. That was nice to notice and will certainly bring more flavor to our future games. Untill next time SUCKERS!

sunnuntai 1. syyskuuta 2013

2000 point game (Woc vs Orcs n Gobbos)


Soon we are going to play game of WARHAMMER! Its been awhile since last played agaist my gf's Orcs.

In my list I have.
Chaos Sorcerer with lore of fire (general and on daemonic mount)
Exhalted hero of Khorne bsb on juggernaut
10 Marauder Horsemen of Khrone with flails
10 Warwolfs of Chaos
24 Chaos Warriors with Mark of Khorne, armed with halberds.
7 Chaos Trolls with extra handweapons (Sorcerer here)
3 Skullcrushers (bsb here)
Giant of Nurgle

to be continued...

Here are some shots of the game.
 We played battleline. This is my deployment. I got some Marauder Horsemen on the other flank.

And this is what im facing. From left to right. around 30 night goblin archers with lvl 4 shaman. 2 chukkas infront. 20 black orcs with black orc lord. Rock lobba and 6 river trolls on front of them. around 30 Big Uns with bsb and lvl 2 orc shaman.

Side view of the table.

Tiia gets first turn but not before I aggressivly move more both vanguards up on the both of my flanks.
Tiia shoots 2 down with chukka on her shooting phase. Other one fails to hit.

Rest of her army moves forward. Well night goblins were just barely out of reach of my Marauder Horsemen so they backed up 2 inch. My General Sorcerer with trolls took rocklobba hit on the head but made lucky ward save :P

This is how it looks when I moved up. I charged first chukka with my Horsemen on left upper corner and was welcomed by fanatics. Lucky for me only one of them hit and did only one wound :)

We didnt take many pics and little fast forwarding here. I moved my Giant infront of Skullcrushers so they got blocked whole match...but no matter!  My warrior line got multicharged by trolls and big uns. Warriors broke and fled but Trolls failed to catch. Then my Giant got the charge on Big Uns and made mess of them. Giant Wolf killed all haha. It really likes to jump around :) rolled double 6 and 5 on thunderstomp :P My Fire Sorceror got double 6 on lvl 3 fireball and shot few trolls dead but was sucked into the warp :D After that My trolls fought black orcs and nearly killed them all. Round after that Wolfie Giant rolled 9 jump attacks and game was pretty much set. On the flanks I killed war machines with my Marauder Horsemen. I got 2 units untouched. Warwolves and Skullcrushers. Ive nearly wiped the board by now.

Game could of turned around on few points. I see as game changer moves when I wiped out the first Chukka and Tiias Gobbos failed panic and ran out of board. Also that first round lobba strike could of killed my Sorceror would of made things lot harder for me. Not forgetting how my Wolfie butchered all with the jumpy attacks. That fight could of been very diffrent. 
Oh and yes VICTORY!