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New layout on the works and BATTLE REPORT!

Testing some wolf themed layout. Also having game today! HAIL BARBARIANS!

Hello. We had great weekend. Loads of beer and of course WARHAMMER! Played two games. First was on saturday. WoC vs Ogres 2400 points. This was my second game with my new WoC and Teugamo's first with his newly build Ogres. So lots of expectations from both players.

For the first time we rolled out the scenarios. It was very cool and we got watchtower! I know lot of players dislike this but it was very nice fit for my current list so bring it! I got the tower under my control. Fortified it with 20 nurge chaos warriors with shield. Vey good unit holding it I think ;)

Deployment pictures next. Teugamo deployed widely across the board. I saw this as opportunity and focused heavily on my right wing. Felt like genious move(one of several).  In this pic there is shown Ogres middle and left side. Tower was in middle ofc.

This what was facing me mostly on my right wing.
Didnt seem that much of a threat. His units of Ironguts with lvl 4 Slaughtermaster on left. Cannon/charriot on middle and on right normal ogres with bsb.

My right wing. Giant, chimera, warhounds, Trolls and my Skullcrushers with my Lord.

This is how it looks from view.

Side view from battle.

Fierce optimisn (or foolish!)

So the madness starts. He goes first and its a cold shower for me right on the start. He doesnt move out much from my right hand side. Cannon instakills my Chimera...What and anticlimax :D Painted that fukker for week with frenzy and first game first round, first turns and he dies horribly! Oh made vanguard moves both with my Marauder Horsemen and Warhounds. He declared charge on my Horsemen what I fleed to slow him down on left wing. Rather silly move now that I consider it. It was very long charge and also I could of hit him hard and would of strike first. Apart from impact hits. Flee!

On my turn: I rally marauders. He shot them with those cannon ogres and caused 5 casualities. I moved up all my troops exept my chaos sorceror with daemonic mount. Him I placed near tower but on plain sight to draw fire. I thought he can handle some incoming fire. with +1 armour save, t5 3w and +5 ward.  On right side Moved my warhounds and Giant up. On next turn he got stuck on forest and it made his stonehorn and yetis stupid. My trolls fail stupidy but move forward a notch but my Skullcrushers are stuck behind them. 

He charges my warhounds on right wing. I hold and think maybe poisoned attack would make couple of lucky wounds. Not a chance. He butchers them and overruns into my Giant.  He yells and brawls and wins combat. No one dies sadly and his bsb saves his day while testing for breaking. 

Also made furious charge with my remaining marauder horsemen. They dies agaist mournfangs but manage do few wounds.

His turn. He charges Ironguts with flaming banner to my Trolls. I flee...trough my skullcrushers but they manage check panic and ogres crash into them.

My Giant Thumbs with his mega rending claws and kills his bsb :D He made 8 wounds but too bad they dont transfer to other models. I lose combat and suffer wound but hold! 

Skullcrusher battle on with Ironguts. Also he made some spell what made 3 wounds to my Sorceror and he dies :(

My turn. He manages to kill one of my Skullcrusher. My unit champ made challenge and killed his lvl 2. He rolled 12! I was growling with victory frenzy cos I tought he becomes daemon prince. It happens that I rolled another 12 for his leadership test... lol So the he only gains stubborn...AND NO DAEMON PRINCE!!!!

I killed lot of his ogres and general and he breaks from combat. I follow and made long distance roll and clash in with his leadbelchers.

He fails his fear check against my giant cos I pounded his bsb to bloody pulp in earlier round. He doesnt manage to do any wounds. My Giant thumps again with his MEGA RENDING CLAWS and ogres lose combat and break. Giant catches and slaughter them all ahahahaaa! 


His turn. Looks quite nasty once he makes that combo charge to my skullcrushers. From left side comes his mournfangs...and Cannon/chariot thing from right, those impact hits worry cos they are going to my lord.

 It all comes to and end soon. Funny things happen and my two remaining skullcrushers are beaten in bloody combat. BUT in the ends all that pile of corpses my CHAOS LORD STANDS ON TOP! SHE done so mutch wounds with aid of the Wolfs that Ogres are broken and beaten. They all fail their checks and ALL RUN!  This was the ends. I still hold the tower and he only had one unit that could try to enter. Those were yetis but my chaos warriors had flaming banner and are tough as nails in combat. No point continue at this point forward and ogres flee back to their desert homes. Wolfking gathers their heads and hides! VICTORY!

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